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Jonathan is celebrating 5 years of blogging with a contest you might want to get in on...  The anniversary is a misnomer,as Jon has been cataloging his hobby and the goings on in our little area of Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho for about three decades now if you include his earlier website.  His blog includes a report on the first game I ever played with his group, and I can vouch for the fact that he never fails to put on an impressive spectacle regardless of scale or era.  (He is also personally responsible for the preponderance of 28mm figures you will find on this blog. and, no, I am not going to stop bringing that up.)   

Jon's site is a great source of inspiration for paint schemes and unit organization for a wide variety of time periods, and the battle reports are always a great read.  Check it out.  (Although, chances are you found this site through his site, so you already know all of this.)

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